The smart way to clean your car !

Because of it’s microbead polymer technology, the SANSZO formula removes dust particles from the surface and wraps them up in a fine lubricant which isolates the particles and separates them from your vehicle’s surface to protect your vehicle’s finish. You may then safely capture these dirt particles with a microfiber cloth that keeps the dirt away to avoid dragging it on your vehicle’s finish, this way eliminating all chances of scratching the surface. Always work on one section at a time. Spray, pick up, dry and polish.

Of course it is possible that a vehicle can become too dirty for this type of wash, but it is very difficult to obtain the limit. All types of dirt can be very effectively removed with the SANSZO cleaner. Only mud cannot be cleaned because it saturates the area of the microfiber too quickly. As a matter of fact, it is possible to use SANSZO probably 90% of the time, but if you arrive with a vehicle that has been in mud, it is possible that the amount of dirt will be too significant for the SANSZO method to quickly clean the surface. Although you would be able, but you would have to clean very little portions at a time, use more than one microfiber cloth and a too large quantity of the product, which would not be very worthwhile.

SANSZO can be used at all times. However, the temperature has to be appropriate. Under 0 degrees Celsius, the SANSZO formula may freeze and it is then difficult to use. It is also important to always clean your vehicle in the shade because the sun rays will warm up the car’s body and the product will dry up too quickly, thus becoming hard to work with.

With a 24 oz bottle, you can do up to 6 to 8 complete washes. Depending on the size and how dirty your vehicle is, you will need between 3 to 4 oz of product to clean your entire vehicle. What is important to understand is that you only need to spray a thin layer of the SANSZO formula to soak the dirt and let the microbead polymer do its work.

The ploymer that is found in the SANSZO formula leaves a thin layer of protection that shines your vehicle as if you had just waxed it. The polymer leaves a mirror-like finish on your vehicle’s body and creates an antistatic that prevents dust to stick, so washes are less frequent. Use SANSZO regularly to maintain a showroom shine.

During the summer period, you only need two microfiber cloths to clean your entire car. A first cloth is used to pick up the dirt, and the second, which has to be dry and clean, is used for polishing. The second cloth is used to wipe and polish the surplus of product on the portion to be cleaned.