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Long lasting protection with shiny hydrophobic effect for auto body


This Nano Coating can be applied on all vehicle parts (car paint, wheels, unpainted plastics and trims, bumpers and glass). This Coating produces a deep gloss hydrophobic finish and long-lasting protection against daily contaminations.


Vehicle must be clean before applying and surface must be cool. Wash vehicle with degreasing soap to remove wax, dirt and oil. dry vehicle completely then sanitize using included alcohol based pre-cleaner (A). Gently spray ceramic coating (B) on the applicator sponge then wipe back and forth on to desired surface. For optimal result apply to one panel at the time , moving vertically and horizontally. Never apply circularly and never apply pressure on applicator sponge.

Once surface is covered with 9H Nanoprotect, coating, allow 15 to 20 minutes and remove excess with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Don’t apply pressure while removing excess. With a second microfiber cloth, polish surface until shiny and free of residues.

Make sure that all excess has been removed.


Coating requires 24 hours to completely cure. Wait 24 hours before exposing vehicle to rain or other severe weather. Never apply under direct sun exposure. Avoid using product under temperature below 10°C and over 30°C.

Seller cannot control use of this product and will not accept liability for more than product replacement.

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