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Long-lasting protection with highly hydrophobic polishing effect for auto bodywork


This nano coating can be applied to all surfaces of your vehicle. (Bodywork, wheel, unpainted plastic, molding, etc.). This coating creates a hydrophobic finish with a deep luster as well as long lasting protection against daily contamination.


The vehicle must be clean and the surface tempered before application. Wash the vehicle with a degreasing soap to remove wax, dirt and other greasy residue. Dry the vehicle completely and then neutralize with the included alcohol-based pre-cleaner (A). Spray the ceramic treatment (B) on the applicator sponge then spread over the surface using a back and forth motion. For best results, apply to a panel both vertically and horizontally. Do not apply using a circular motion and do not apply pressure to the applicator sponge.

Once the surface has been treated with 9h Nanoprotect, wait 15 to 20 minutes then remove the excess using a microfiber cloth. do not apply pressure. Using a second microfiber cloth, polish the surface until it becomes shiny and without residue.

Make sure you have removed any excess.


Processing takes 24 hours to fully cure. Wait 24 hours before exposing to rain or other inclement weather. Never apply in direct sunlight. Avoid using the product if the temperature is below 10 ° C or above 30 ° C.

The seller cannot control the use of this product and accepts only the replacement of the product as responsibility.

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