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Who are we

Sanszo is a company that markets a line of highly efficient and innovative automotive detailing products. The auto industry is a huge market, but too often it maintains bad habits that are harmful to the environment and the majority of products have toxic chemical components.

The co-owners who share a passion for the automobile as much as for the environment decided to introduce to the market a range of products which was respectful for the environment, but also very efficient. It is not necessary to lose performance for the benefit of the environment, so proving it to the automotive industry becomes the primary goal of the company.

Initially, the company marketed a dry cleaner (Sanszo) for the automobile. With this product made from 100% biodegradable polymers, customers are able to clean, polish and protect their vehicles in one step without using a single drop of exterior water. The water savings are enormous and the results are astounding.

The product is quickly found everywhere on the territory and in the big chains of Canada. Faced with its early successes, Sanszo made efforts to increase the distribution of this product and broadened the product line by integrating other environmentally friendly automotive products into this line.

Proud of these successes, the firm carried out a first round of financing by welcoming One Drop Investments (owned by Guy Laliberté, owner of Cirque du Soleil) as an investor in the company. Following this significant investment, Sanszo has initiated a strategic planning process with the objective of continuing to grow and increase the positive impact on the environment to which its products contribute. Now a partner of the One Drop Foundation (an initiative of Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil), Sanszo supports the development of the Foundation's mission by donating 1% of its profits annually from sales.



Advantages of the SANSZO product:

SANSZO is a product that allows you to clean any type of vehicle without using water. Thanks to its microbead polymer technology, the SANSZO formula detaches dirt particles from the surface to be cleaned and envelops them in an extremely fine lubricant that isolates these particles and separates them from the surface to be cleaned in order to protect the finish of the bodywork. .

First, spray on the surface. Then pick up the dirt with a microfiber cloth. Finally dry and polish with a second clean microfiber cloth. SANSZO cleaning leaves a finish that surpasses any conventional wash. The performance of the polymer contained in the SANSZO formula shines and protects the cleaned surfaces without additional efforts.

With a 24-ounce bottle, you can do 6 to 8 complete washes of your vehicle in less time than a standard wash would require. 20 minutes are enough to wash your entire vehicle. Bodywork, plastic, chrome, rims and even your windows will shine after a SANSZO wash. No more boilers, no more hoses, no more rain boots to wash your car. Only the SANSZO formula and 2 microfiber cloths allow you to clean, polish and protect your entire vehicle for about $ 2 per wash.


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