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A unique pH neutral soap formula combining a Si02 and graphene nanoparticle structure creating a hydrophobic
effect and a high quality glossy nish. Our thick, high density colored foam safely removes dirt from your vehicle
by clinging to the surface. The SI02 FOAMER colored soap is easy and fun to use while being state of the art.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Rinse the vehicle using a pressure washer to remove surface dirt.
Always shake well before use.

SOAP CANON: Dilute in the canon container with water at a suggested ratio of 1:1 or to achieve the desired
concentration. Some guns allow you to adjust the amount of water that will pass into the soap container, adjust
the ratio as needed to achieve the desired concentration.

Lather the vehicle with the soap to thoroughly cover the entire vehicle and penetrate the dirt. For best results, use
a wash mitt or sponge to scrub the surface and remove stubborn dirt. Rubbing the soap into the surface will help
the nanoparticles be more effective. Rinse with a pressure washer until the soap is completely removed. Dry the
vehicle with an air gun or drying towels to avoid water spots.

TANK WASHING: Dilute in a bucket of hot water at a suggested ratio of 1:100 or
to obtain the desired concentration.

Using a wash mitt or sponge, begin cleaning from the top down of the vehicle one small section at a time.
Rinse as needed, do not allow soap to dry on the surface.

Note that the product is very concentrated, the undiluted dye stains a lot, but it is safe. Be careful when handling

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