The smart way to clean your car !

Guy Laliberté Sanszo partner

Guy Laliberté owner of Le Cirque du Soleil is one of Sanszo owners through the One Drop Foundation. He chose to invest in this dynamic company not only because the innovative product to clean cars without water joined the mission of One Drop, but also because it is important to encourage good ideas and Quebec entrepreneurship.

Who are we

Sans-Zo is a start-up company which has two distinctive fields of activities, which compliment each other. Sans-Zo has started by marketing a line of products dedicated to the automobile detailing. The automobile industry is a huge market, but too often has bad habits which are harmful for the environment and the majority of products contain toxic and chemical components.


The co-owners who share a passion for the automobile industry as well as the environment decided to put on the market a variety of products that are safe for the environment but also very effective. It is not necessary to lose effectiveness for the benefit of the environment, and to prove it to the automobile industry became the company’s main goal.

At first, the company marketed a dry cleaning product (Sans-Zo) for cars. With this polymer-based product which is 100% biodegradable, customers can clean, shine and protect their vehicles in only one step without using a single drop of water. The quantity of water that is saved is significant and the results are amazing. Not only did the owners decide to offer these products on the market but also to offer to the population a Sans-Zo home cleaning service. The product expanded rapidly throughout the province and there are now four franchises that offer the Sans-Zo home cleaning service.


As a result this success, Sans-Zo expended a lot of effort to increase the distribution of this product and has widened its product line by integrating the following products for automobiles which are environment friendly:

Cleaner and conditioner for leather and vinyl ;

A nanotech sealing guard for paints ;

A shine and a protector for ecological tires ;

Proud of its success, the company started its first round of financing in 2011 by welcoming One Drop Investments (Owned by Guy Laliberté also owner of Cirque du Soleil) who became an investor in the company. The next step following this important investment was to engage in a strategic plan to ensure the growth of the company and to increase the positive impact that its products have on the environment. Now partners with One Drop foundation (initiated by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil), Sans-Zo is a proud supporter of the development of the Foundation’s mission by donating 1% of its sale’s profits on a yearly basis.

Benefits of the product Sans-Zo :

SANSZO is a product that allows you to clean all types of vehicles without using any water. Because of the polymer microbead technology, The SANSZO formula removes dust particles from the surface and wraps them up in a fine lubricant which isolates the particles and separates them from your vehicle’s surface to protect the surface of your vehicle.

First, spray on the surface. Next, pick up the dirt with a microfiber cloth. Then, polish and dry with a different clean microfiber cloth. Cleaning with SANSZO will leave you with a result that surpasses any conventional cleaning. The performance of the polymer found in the SANSZO formula shines and protects surfaces without any effort.

With a 24 oz bottle, you can do a up to 6 to 8 complete washes of your vehicle in less time than a standard wash. 20 minutes is all you need to wash your entire vehicle. The car’s body, plastic parts, chrome, rims and even your windows will shine after you wash with SANSZO. No more buckets, hoses or rain boots to wash your car. You only need the SANSZO formula and 2 microfiber cloths to clean, shine and protect your entire vehicle, all this for only 2$ per wash.